Last Wednesday I got a phone call from a family friend about doing some last minute birthday cupcakes for her husband and son...her design idea was so much fun and a new experience for me. Dan (one of the Birthday Boys) is a Coconut Cupcake Lover...so I knew I had my work cut out for me. The Coconut Buttercream turned out to be super yummy and tasted even better with the fresh Coconut on the top...

Since both Dan and Ian ride Motorcycles...Judy asked if I could make some of the Cupcakes with a Checkered Flag design...harder then I thought, but they turned out great!

And finally...my favorite part...the "race track" which acted like a birthday cake for the party. This was fun to do because I got to use Brown Sugar to make the race track look like it had real dirt on it...and I also printed out the motorcycles the guys ride to put on the track.

Happy Birthday Dan & Ian...hope you enjoyed the Dessert!


Last weekend I has the chance to bake some Cupcakes for an old friend of mine's, future sister in law's Bridal Shower. Confusing I know but it was so fun to deliver these cupcakes because I got to see the entire family and visit with them for a few minutes. The Cupcakes were Chocolate and Vanilla...and Gaby let me do whatever colors and designs I wanted. Since its quickly becoming spring...I wanted to do some bright fun colors...especially using Lime Green...its my new favorite color at the moment...Enjoy!

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

All together...

I really hope you enjoyed the Cupcakes Gaby & Darcy :-) Congrats on your upcoming Wedding...the Firestone Winery will be amazing! I cannot wait to see photos!



The Summer of 2008 was quite an experience! I headed off to a little suburb of Chicago, IL called Lombard and attended the Wilton School of Cake and Confectionery Art. The Masters Course took two weeks to complete and was a great overall experience! With the love and support of family and friends...I accomplished so much, and will forever cherish the memories and friends made along the way.

My sweet friend Tara and I inside the classroom at the Wilton Shop

My "Celebration" cake...now this would not be a cake that I would sell to someone...it just was a way to display all of the icing techniques we learned over the two weeks. All the flowers are made of Royal Icing.

Some amazing ladies...and Cake Designers
Mariam, Tara, Myself and Peggy

Our Graduating class of 24

My final project

Gumpaste Roses

The Graduate!

Chicago was such an incredible experience! I cannot wait to go back and visit that incredible city! I learned so much, and the class truly helped me with technique and confidence in the kitchen!


Baby Showers are my absolute favorite orders to do! I just love the idea of celebrating a new life by getting together, opening presents and eating CUPCAKES! The order below was done for a friend of mine from church that was throwing a baby shower for her cousin. What I loved about this order was the colors and variety of all the cupcakes...and eventhough 5 designs were chosen, all the colors went so well together

Strawberry Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate and Vanilla Buttercream

All 5 designs...So fun together!



Since I am new to Blogging I am going to post a few of my favorite orders from the past year.

A friend of mine from Elementary School (believe it or not!) has been a great customer and sweet friend for over 15 years. Renee is super creative and always throws her girls such cute birthday parties. This particular theme was "Pink Poodles in Paris" and her only request to me was to make them Black, White and Bright Pink. Each Cupcake had its own personality, and the birthday girl had one especially designed for her...Enjoy!

What a cute theme!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl, Ava

Renee I am so thankful for your support for my business and I hope the I am half as creative as you when I am a mom! Miss having you in California...hope to see you soon!


About a year ago, I had the privilege to make Cupcakes and matching Birthday Cake for a sweet little girl Taegan. Her super creative mom Renee threw a Western Hoe Down while their family was in town visiting from Nashville. The party had all sorts of fun treats and including Renee's fabulous Shortbread Cookies and some delicious Cinnamon Popcorn. Below are some quick photos of the Polka Dot Cupcakes and Taegan's personal 1st Birthday Cake.

The Cake...just before the Birthday Girl dug in!

Matching PolkaDot Cupcakes that were a double Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream

Taegan the Birthday Girl...enjoying her cake/making a huge mess!


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to make Cupcakes for a sweet friend of mine Melissa and her fiance Fabius. Fab's special request was Peanut Butter Buttercream...and they turned out wonderful! A good friend of mine Melissa of Gartner Photography not only helped me bake and decorate the Cupcakes, but also took some great shots of the cupcakes before I delivered them to the Engagement Party

Vanilla Cupcakes with French Vanilla Buttercream

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanutbutter Buttercream

Thanks Melissa for all your help with this BLOG and these great Cupcake Shots...I hope there is many more to come!