Last weekend I has the chance to bake some Cupcakes for an old friend of mine's, future sister in law's Bridal Shower. Confusing I know but it was so fun to deliver these cupcakes because I got to see the entire family and visit with them for a few minutes. The Cupcakes were Chocolate and Vanilla...and Gaby let me do whatever colors and designs I wanted. Since its quickly becoming spring...I wanted to do some bright fun colors...especially using Lime Green...its my new favorite color at the moment...Enjoy!

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

All together...

I really hope you enjoyed the Cupcakes Gaby & Darcy :-) Congrats on your upcoming Wedding...the Firestone Winery will be amazing! I cannot wait to see photos!

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  1. Christi
    Your cupcakes were amazing and a perfect compliment to a lovely bridal shower. I am sure you have a great future ahead. There's nothing like customers who become evangelists for you. i am now one of them and will be spreading the word!