Last Wednesday I got a phone call from a family friend about doing some last minute birthday cupcakes for her husband and son...her design idea was so much fun and a new experience for me. Dan (one of the Birthday Boys) is a Coconut Cupcake Lover...so I knew I had my work cut out for me. The Coconut Buttercream turned out to be super yummy and tasted even better with the fresh Coconut on the top...

Since both Dan and Ian ride Motorcycles...Judy asked if I could make some of the Cupcakes with a Checkered Flag design...harder then I thought, but they turned out great!

And finally...my favorite part...the "race track" which acted like a birthday cake for the party. This was fun to do because I got to use Brown Sugar to make the race track look like it had real dirt on it...and I also printed out the motorcycles the guys ride to put on the track.

Happy Birthday Dan & Ian...hope you enjoyed the Dessert!


  1. Such a fun racetrack - Nicely done!

  2. Oh, the coconut look so good!! Nice work on the checkered flags!!

  3. YUM! My mouth is watering just thinking about the coconut buttercream...where are you in CA? I'm San Francisco and hoping you are too!

  4. Your sweet cakes are amazing...i am in love with them...i have a sweet tooth for all things lovely...i buy them up...take photos..and then enjoy every last bite! So happy i found your lovely blog!

  5. These are fabulous - what a creative talent you have, just wonderful...and they look so delicious too. xv

  6. Just found this page and wanted to tell you that I am not surprised to see that your work is not only beautiful, but also looks delicious! Wishing that I could taste some....Missing my Chicago friends and also wishing that we could have a business together...wouldn't that be great??!!!