Since I am new to Blogging I am going to post a few of my favorite orders from the past year.

A friend of mine from Elementary School (believe it or not!) has been a great customer and sweet friend for over 15 years. Renee is super creative and always throws her girls such cute birthday parties. This particular theme was "Pink Poodles in Paris" and her only request to me was to make them Black, White and Bright Pink. Each Cupcake had its own personality, and the birthday girl had one especially designed for her...Enjoy!

What a cute theme!

The Beautiful Birthday Girl, Ava

Renee I am so thankful for your support for my business and I hope the I am half as creative as you when I am a mom! Miss having you in California...hope to see you soon!

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  1. wow! you are really talented. I thought I can bake but you rock Girl!

    and this little girl on the last photo is absolutely adorable. So sweet!

    Enjoy blogging!