The Summer of 2008 was quite an experience! I headed off to a little suburb of Chicago, IL called Lombard and attended the Wilton School of Cake and Confectionery Art. The Masters Course took two weeks to complete and was a great overall experience! With the love and support of family and friends...I accomplished so much, and will forever cherish the memories and friends made along the way.

My sweet friend Tara and I inside the classroom at the Wilton Shop

My "Celebration" cake...now this would not be a cake that I would sell to someone...it just was a way to display all of the icing techniques we learned over the two weeks. All the flowers are made of Royal Icing.

Some amazing ladies...and Cake Designers
Mariam, Tara, Myself and Peggy

Our Graduating class of 24

My final project

Gumpaste Roses

The Graduate!

Chicago was such an incredible experience! I cannot wait to go back and visit that incredible city! I learned so much, and the class truly helped me with technique and confidence in the kitchen!

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